...If we want people to love music, we must give them a good reason to love it...

From 2011... Only Successful Editions

"Promote classical music in our area and discover talented musicians from all over the world"

International Music Competition

born in 2011 and arranged by the CulturalAssociation Amygdala, led by Professor Maria Grazia Palermo

Year after year a growing number of
extremely talented competitors have
participated in the Musical Competition, which has reached a really high level of professionalism thanks to the passionate work, the attention to any details, the seriousness and transparency
of the Organizing Committee

The Chairwoman of Amigdala Cultural Association Prof.ssa Maria Grazia Palermo 

The Directive:

Prof.ssa Maria Grazia Palermo Chairwoman

Dott. Salvo di Dio Vice-Chairman

Ing. Giovanni Faro Treasurer

Dott. Tommaso Stasi Secretary


COMPETENCE, PROFESSIONALISM, TRASPARENCY        in respect of the great music

The Section AmygdalaMusicTalent, led by
Antonella Scuderi,
Piano Professor at Istituto Superiore di Musica V. Bellini in Catania,
supports classical music and arranges
the International Music Competition.

The Director of Amigdala MusicTalentSection:
Prof.ssa Antonella Scuderi

perfect organization
Audio and video shooting
"TimeWarp Multimedia Services"
directed by Salvo Lo Vecchio

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