AMIGDALA International Music Competition 


"Jena Pang Prize" € 2.000,00 given by the pianist Jena Pang

"Interpretation Prize" € 1.000,00 given by the violinist Yoshiaki Shibata

"Barbara Pagano Conti Nibali" Prize € 500,00 given by the Conti Nibali family

"KNS Classical" Prize - publication of digital CD and online distribution for: International Prize for Piano Interpretation, sect. strings cat. F and section chamber music cat. C

"Elena Cobb" Prize  € 50,00 given by the ECSP - The winners of cat.Baby musicians, A, B, C of sec. 1 Piano, will have the opportunity to perform in April 2020 at ROYAL ALBERT HALL in LONDON for the ELENA COBB STAR PRIZE Festival 

"Giuseppe Raciti " Prize € 400,00 given by the Raciti family 

"Erica Risiglione" Prize € 300,00 given by the Risiglione family

"Giuseppe Cantone" Prize € 300,00 given by the Cantone family in memory of this Sicilian compositor

"Felix Mendelssohn " Prize € 200,00 for the best interpretation of one of his compositions on the 210th anniversary of his birth

"Vincenzo Bellini" Prize € 150,00 given by the Faro family

"Rotary Catania" Prize € 150,00 and concert prize with "MusicaInsieme a Librino" Orchestra to a young Sicilian musician

" Baby Musician Prize " surprise prize reserved for the best performer among the Baby Musicians

"The Teaching Prize for those teachers whose students ( at least 5 students) will be awarded First absolute and first classified. He or she will receive a Certificate of Excellence, and will be appointed in Committee for the 2019 edition of the competition 

"Concert Prize" - The winners of the competition will have prize concerts that will be part of the TOUR organized in collaboration with various Associations and schools of Sicily in order to promote and spread the musical culture at various levels

Award concert at the "Maria Ermolova" Museum in MOSCOW

Prizes will be awarded during Gala Concert, 

after the exhibition of winners

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