AMIGDALA International Music Competition 


"Jena Pang Prize" € 1.000,00 given by the pianist Jena Pang

"Interpretation Prize" € 1.000,00 given by the violinist Yoshiaki Shibata

"Barbara Pagano Conti Nibali" Prize € 500,00 given by the Conti Nibali family

"Giuseppe Raciti " Prize € 400,00 given by the Raciti family 

"Erica Risiglione" Prize € 300,00 given by the Risiglione family

"Giuseppe Cantone" Prize € 300,00 given by the Cantone family in memory of this Sicilian compositor

"Ludwig van Beethoven" Prize € 200,00 for the best interpretation of one of his compositions on the 210th anniversary of his birth

"Vincenzo Bellini" Prize € 150,00 given by the Faro family

"Giovanni Pacini" Prize € 150,00 for the best interpretation of "Four" by F. Cultreri

"Rotary Catania" Prize € 150,00 and concert prize with "MusicaInsieme a Librino" Orchestra to a young Sicilian musician

" Baby Musician Prize " surprise prize reserved for the best performer among the Baby Musicians

"The Teaching Prize for those teachers whose students ( at least 5 students) will be awarded First absolute and first classified. He or she will receive a Certificate of Excellence, and will be appointed in Committee for the 2021 edition of the competition 

Prizes will be awarded during Gala Concert, 

after the exhibition of winners

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