V AMIGDALA International PRIZE 



DEADLINE 31 March 2024

The evaluation of the Eliminatory Round will be published on 7 April 2024


This international competition for pianists from all over the world aims to promote music among young people, to identify and promote the artistic success of emerging talents and to promote the territory that hosts the competition, both for tourism and through an artistic, social and cultural exchange .

One of its aims is to contribute to spreading and developing an ever greater interest in classical music that plays an important formative role in civil society.

Art. 1

The competition is open to all pianists born after 01-01-1987

For information to contact the secretariat: 

phone: 3381140344




Art. 2

The competition is divided into three rounds:

ELIMINATORY will take place online

SEMIFINAL and FINAL rounds will take place on 9/10/11 May 2024 at L. Sciascia Theater - via G. Garibaldi, 44 in Aci Bonaccorsi (Catania)

Gala Concert on 12 May 2024

The finalists of other international competitions with two or three rounds from 01/01/2022 will be admitted directly to the semifinal round. Among the enrollment documents they must send the Diploma certifying the evaluation achieved.

  • First round (online)  max 15 min. 

- A study chosen from:  

F. Chopin 

F. Liszt 


C. Debussy 

S. Prokofiev op. 2 

A. Scriabin 

- Compositions chosen by the candidate 

  • Semifinal round: (Free program max 25 min.) 

 Including one movement of Clementi, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert Sonata (participants must not play pieces performed in previous round) 

  • Final round  (Free program max 40 min.) 

(Participants must not repeat the pieces performed in previous rounds. It is possible to perform the whole classic sonata played in the semifinal round) 

Art. 3


Entrance fee € 120,00

Registration deadline 31 March 2024

The evaluation of the Eliminatory Round will be published on  7 April 2024 on our website www.amigdalainternationalcompetition.it 

The organization reserves the right to make changes to these rules or to cancel the event by fully refunding the fees paid at the time of registration

The registration fee will be refunded only in case of cancellation of the competition

Competitors must send their video Link containing the execution of the preliminary round with the following requirements:

  • The recording must be clear and free from background noise
  • The video can be made with video cameras, mobile phones, tablets and/or with professional recording systems. The videos need good quality and clear sound .
  • The video must be made by a fixed camera (video cameras, mobile phones, tablets as well as with professional recording systems), in a single shot without interruptions and must show the face, the hands of the musician and the entire instrument at all times. No cutting or merging sequences in the video sent are allowed (one execution, therefore, without any interruption, even if different pieces are performed).
  • Audio-only recordings are not accepted.
  • Grand and upright pianos are recommended.
  • Videos without the above requirements or exceeding the time limit will not be accepted
  • Insert, in the appropriate field of the registration form, the link of the video of the preliminary round, published on YouTube and set as 'Unlisted'.
  • The video must be titled as follows: AMIGDALA International Prize Piano Interpretation – First online round - Name, Surname, age and country.
  • The video must be visible at least until the end of the competition, under penalty of exclusion from the competition –


Art. 4

On their arrival, the competitors must show their Identity Card  to the secretary and, before their performance, deliver 2 copies of their scores to the Committee.

The pieces to be performed must be original (no transpositions or arrangements of the composer's original work are allowed). 

The competitors can play for fewer minutes than those required. The performance could be stopped by the Committee if the competitor exceeds the required time. 

Competitors, during their stay, will have pianos to practice.

If you want to enjoy a digital piano exclusively at your accommodation, you will have to apply for it at the time of your registration and pay a fee of EUR 30 per day at your desk.

Art. 5

The jury  is made up of teachers from Conservatories and Music Schools, well-known musicians, differently qualified, the Chairwoman of the Cultural Association "Amigdala" and the Artistic Director of the AmigdalaMusicTalent Section.

The members of the jury shall abstain from voting in case of kinship and/or having didactic relationship with the competitor either currently or taken place in the two year prior to the competition. In relation to the above, on the occasion of their settlement, each member of the jury issues a statement on his/her personal situation in relation to the competitors. 

Please note that the decision of the judges is unquestionable. 

Art. 6


1°    € 2.000,00 - certificate  

2°   € 1000,00  - certificate  

3°   € 800,00 -  certificate  

Scholarship of € 300 for for the best performance of a XIX-century composition

Scholarship of € 200 to the youngest finalist


Winners can not claim any compensation for any "prize concerts." 

Travel costs for the achievement of the place of the concerts-prize will be paid by the winners.

The jury may not award prizes if they do not consider the executions at the appropriate level.

Candidates who do not pass the preliminary round will receive a certificate of participation.

The award ceremony will take place during the Gala Concert. The winners chosen to perform their pieces are obliged to perform under penalty of annulment of the award. The same cannot demand any financial claims for their execution and for any possible " Award Concerts"

Gala Concert 

will be held on May 12th , 2024 - 6.00 p.m.

"Leonardo Sciascia "theatre"

Aci Bonaccorsi

Art. 7

By submitting an entry form, each entrant, parent, or legal guardian (if such entrant is a minor) authorizes the use of the competitor's name ,photo, audio and/or video recording for the publicity and advertisement purposes related to the competition by Amigdala International Music Competition. If you do not want to authorize this you must make an explicit request on the registration form. The competitors cannot demand any financial claims on Amigdala Cultural Association or on any broadcasting company.

Art. 8

The organizers may make changes to the program and competitors already enrolled will be notified by e-mailor by phone 

Art. 9

This cultural event is not comparable to the sweepstakes, as intended by D.P.R.430/2001, art.6 com.1. Therefore, the Resolution n.8/1251 of the 28th October 1976 decides that the prizes will not be income taxed at the source.However,we specify that the final prizes will be added to Your personal income and the winners will have to pay own compulsory contributions on the basis of Your income tax return.




The Directive of Ass. Cult. liberaAMIGDALA:

Prof.ssa Maria Grazia Palermo Chairwoman

Ing. Giovanni Faro Treasurer - Vice-Chairman

Dott. Tommaso Stasi Secretary

Prof.ssa Antonella Scuderi Artistic Director

scuderiantonella59@hotmail.com tel. 338 1140344

M° Yoshiaki Shibata Honorary member of Ass. Cult. liberaAMIGDALA, Artistic Coordinator of the "Strings" and "Chamber Music" sections for AMIGDALA International Music Competition

M° Jena Chun-Wah Pang Honorary member of Ass. Cult. liberaAMIGDALA

secretariat: Via Sottotenente Scuderi, 69 95029 Viagrande CT

phone +39 338 1140344 - +39 348 0063108

For information contact the secretariat: phone: 3381140344