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filling out the electronic form (theelettronica registration form will be available as soonas possible)

The following attachments will be required: identity document, payment receipt by bank transfer, score (for candidates in section 8), high resolution personal photo (at least 300 dpi - max 5 Mb) to be published in the winners' gallery on the competition website, in case of absolute first prize and on the winners page, in case of first prize and the link of the exhibition already published on youtube

The fee must be sent through:

  • bank transfer to:

Associazione Culturale liberaAmigdala
via sottotenente Scuderi, 69 Viagrande (CT)
codice IBAN:


Credito Valtellinese Viale Ruggero di Lauria Catania

  • It is possible to pay the application fee with Paypal

if you pay via PayPal, please add € 4 more to the registration fee to pay for the bank transaction


groups in section 2 have to send only one registration form and only one bank transfer.

Please write the name of the school

registration deadline on

April 29, 2021

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