• Candidates with a score below 80/100 will receive a Certificate of Participation.
  • Candidates awarded with a score from 80/100 to 99/100 will receive a Diploma of Merit.
  • Candidates awarded with a score of 100/100 will receive: the Diploma of Merit, the cup, and the following Scholarships:

"AMIGDALA" € 2000.00

"Yoshiaki Shibata" € 1000.00, offered by M° Yoshiaki Shibata

"Jena Chun-Wah Pang" € 600.00, offered by M° Jena Chun-Wah Pang

"Giuseppe Raciti" € 400.00, offered by the Raciti family

"Erica Risiglione" € 300.00, offered by the Risiglione family, reserved for the strings section

"Barbara Conti Nibali" € 200.00, offered by the Conti Nibali family, reserved for the classical singing section

"Giuseppe Cantone" € 150.00, offered by the Cantone family, reserved for the composition section

TEACHING AWARD for the teacher who presents the highest number of students awarded first prizes and absolute first prizes (at least 5). The prize consists of a Diploma of Honor and appointment as Commissioner of the XIV edition 2025 of the Competition.

Currency conversions and taxes are the responsibility of the winner

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