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VI AMIGDALA SCHOOL music Competition

2022 Online edition

for youth amateurs


This international competition for musicians aims to promote music among young people and to identify and encourage the artistic affirmation of emerging talents.

One of its aims is to help spread and develop an ever greater interest in cultured music which plays an important educational role in civil society.

Due to the Covid-19 emergency, the 2021 competition will take place online

The Competition is open to all musicians from all nationalities

The Competition is divided into the following sections:

Section 1 SOLOISTS

Section 2 GROUPS (maximum 14 components - including piano duet)

Section 3 Choirs and ORCHESTRAS (from 15 elements onwards)

Deadline 20/04/2022

the registration form must contain the VIDEO link

Publication of evaluations and prizes
04/05/2022 soloists

05/05/2022 groups

06/05/2022 choirs and orchestras

Art. 1

Please respect the execution times of each category. At the most, do not exceed more than 1-2 minutes.


Application fees

Section 1 SOLOISTS:

Cat. A up to 11 years free program max 3 min. - fee € 15

Cat. B up to 12 years free program max 4 min. - fee € 20

Cat. C up to 13 years free program max 5 min. - fee € 20

Cat. D up to 15 years free program max 7 min. - fee € 25

Cat. E up to 18-19 years free program max 8 min. - fee € 30

Section 2 GROUPS (Maximum 14 components - including 4 piano duet):

Cat. A up to 13 years free program max. 5 min. - € 10 fee for each component

Cat. B up to 18-19 years free program max. 7 min. - € 15 fee for each component

Registration fee from the eighth member onwards € 5.00

Section 3 CHOIRS and ORCHESTRAS ( from 15 elements onwards)

Cat. A primary schools, comprehensive schools, Middle Schools, Middle Schools with Music and Projects: free program max. 20 min.

total fee € 150 up to 30 elements

total fee € 250 from 31 elements onwards

Cat. B Music High Schools: free program max. 20 min. -

total fee € 180 up to 30 elements

total fee € 280 from 31 elements onwards


To take advantage of BRAVO! competitors must send an email to

To the same email with a 1 week notice,it is possible to request a piece which is not in the catalog .

Art. 2


Due to the Covid-19 emergency, this edition will take place online, therefore, to register and send the videos , please follow the following instructions :

• Recordings must be clear and free of background noises, can take place at home or anywhere the competitor has access to a decent piano

• Videos need to be clear in image and perfect in sound.

•The video must be made from a fixed camera (video cameras, mobile phones, tablets as well as with professional recording systems), in a single shot without interruptions and must show the face, the hands of the musician and the entire instrument at all times . It is not allowed any cutting during the exhibition or joining sequences (a single video, therefore, even if you play different pieces).

• Singers Videos must be taken from the waist up. Full body is recommended

• Only audio- recordings will not be accepted.

• Grand and upright pianos are recommended. Digital pianos with 88 weighted keys are also accepted.

• Video recordings that exceed the allowed time will not be accepted.

Please attach, in the registration form, the video link of the exhibition, published on YouTube

the video of the absolute first prizes 100/100 must remain on youtube until the next edition of the competition, as it will be published on the winners page

the video links of the competition will be published on 20/04/2022 in the website:,

The results of each category and their scores will be published by midnight on 04/05/2022 (soloists), 05/05/2022 (groups), 06/05/2022 (choirs and orchestras), on the website: In addition, the winners of the absolute first prizes and the relative awards (which will be sent via PayPal or bank transfer) will be announced

Diploma in PDF format will be sent to all competitors by e-mail address indicated at the time of registration.

The WINNERS VIDEOS will be published at the end of the competition ( on May), on website: 


The jury is made up of teachers from Conservatories and Music Schools, well-known musicians, differently qualified, the Chairwoman of the Cultural Association "Amigdala" and the Artistic Director of the AmigdalaMusicTalent Section.

The members of the jury shall abstain from voting in case of kinship and/or having didactic relationship with the competitor either currently or taken place in the two year prior to the competitionIn case of ex aequo in a category , the jury may share the prize equally.
All awards and prizes will be awarded unless there is an insufficient number of eligible participants in a particular category or the judges determine that the quality of the competitor's performance does not warrant a prize/award. . Please note that the decision of the judges is unquestionable.

The Jury will meet by videoconference

Art 4

The Competition Organization reserves the right to make changes to all information posted on the Competition's official website if need be. 

By entering this competition each entrant, parent or legal guardian (if such entrant is a minor) agrees to accept these rules and be bound by the decisions of Amigdala International Music Competition, its judges and staff, which are final and binding in all matters.

Art 5

We consider Absolute First those who will obtain the average 100/100

We consider First classified those who will obtain an average score from 95 to 99

We consider Second classified those who will obtain an average score from 90 to 94

We consider Third classified those who will obtain an average score from 85 to 89

We consider Fourth classified those who will obtain an average score from 80 to 84

the diploma in pdf format will be sent to all participants to the e-mail address indicated on the registration form

Art 6

The prizes will be awarded to the category winners who have reported the score 100/100

This cultural event is not comparable to the sweepstakes, as intended by D.P.R.430/2001, art.6 com.1. Therefore, the Resolution n.8/1251 of the 28th October 1976 decides that the prizes will not be income taxed at the source.However,we specify that the final prizes will be added to Your personal income and the winners will have to pay own compulsory contributions on the basis of Your income tax return.


The Directive:

Prof.ssa Maria Grazia Palermo Chairwoman
phone: 3480063108

Dott. Salvo di Dio Vice-Chairman

Ing. Giovanni Faro Treasurer

Dott. Tommaso Stasi Secretary

Amigdala Music Talent Section:

Prof.ssa Antonella Scuderi Artistic Director
phone: 338 1140344

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