XI AMIGDALA International Music Competition 

memorial "Giuseppe Raciti"

Edition 2022, Online Version

for all instruments, composition, choir, folk, lyric singers, Jazz and Pop/Rock

 The Competition is divided into the following sections:

Sect. 1: Piano - Piano and orchestra

Sect. 2: Strings (violin, viola, cello, double bass)

Sect. 3: Winds (solo and ensemble)

Sect. 4: Guitar, Mandolin, lute (solo and ensemble)

Sect. 5: 2 pianos and piano duet

Sect. 6: Chamber music (max 10 members)

Sect. 7: Choirs, orchestra and mixed groups

Sect. 8: Composition

Sect. 9: Harp, Celtic harp (solo and ensemble)

Sect. 10: Lyric singers (solo and groups maximum 4 members)

Sect. 11: Accordion (solo and ensemble)

Sect. 12: Ethnic instruments (solo and ensemble)

Sect. 13: Jazz (solo and groups)

Sect. 14: POP/Rock (solo and groups)


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