X AMIGDALA International Music Competition 

memorial "Giuseppe Raciti" 2020

from 23th to 30th April, 2020

for all instruments, composition, choir, lyric singers and Jazz

 The Competition is divided into the following sections:

Sect. 1: Piano (solo)

Sect. 2: Strings (solo)

Sect. 3: Wind (solo)

Sect. 4: Guitar and Mandolin (solo and emsemble)

Sect. 5: Piano duet

Sect. 6: Chamber music (max 10 members)

Sect. 7: Choirs, orchestra and mixed groups

Sect. 8: Composition

Sect. 9: Harp (solo and ensemble)

Sect. 10: Lyric Singers (solo and groups maximum 4 members

Sect. 11: Accordion (solo and ensemble)

Sect. 12: Folk (solo and ensemble)

Sect. 13: Jazz (solo and groups)

Amigdala International Music Competition memorial "G. Raciti" Piano section competitors and Amigdala International Prize for Piano Interpretation competitors will play on a

Steinway & Sons piano mod. D 274 Hamburg

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